Our overall mission is to further an understanding and appreciation of the local heritage through education, exhibitions and entertainment programs and to serve as a platform of distinguished services to the growing number of visitors to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who have yet to experience the cultural viewpoint of the local environment. Eye-opening information coupled with specially selected packages, the exchange programs gives our guests the opportunity to see the Kingdom in a different light. With diverse tours and activities to choose from, they will experience the invaluable gifts of historical knowledge, cultural discovery and a firsthand account of the Kingdoms natural heritage.



The Jeddah Cultural Exchange Company is your gateway to Saudi Arabia's cultural diversity. With its non-conventional methods and through its unique approach, the Cultural Exchange Center fosters access to and participation in Saudi Arabia's cultural heritage.


Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear about your experience and are happy to answer any questions.

Address : 3787 Al Fadl St from Arafat، Jeddah 21491 , Saudi Arabia

Hotline : +96626637191

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